Women who are more caring and living treatment

The activities of women, their approaches, styles, and responsibilities are all completely different than those of men. Their roles are entirely different renew wellness recovery. There is no doubt that the traditional role of women as homemakers is universal. With the changes in time, many women now step out from their homes and are successful at their jobs.

They are able to handle any situation with a high level of strength and practicality. Because they approach the issue in a different manner, because their roles and responsibilities are distinct from men’s, so too, is their behavior. According to a Columbia University study, girls and young woman use drugs for different reasons. Signals and situations that are higher-risk are also more prevalent. Females are more susceptible to abuse and addiction. This three-year study is being conducted.

On the basis of these studies, we can say that abuse of women differs a lot from men. Women should receive a different treatment than men. The research led to the creation of women-only drug rehab centers. The recovery pattern of men is different to that of women, as their needs differ.

According to a study conducted in cross section on women, those born after World War II have a higher likelihood of being addicted to alcohol. For men, there has been no change. The addiction of women is associated with many risks; one that dominates the list is the risk of being taken advantage.

Women are also more susceptible to attack and other dangers. Due to weight disparity between women and men, it is easier for women to get drunk or take drugs. Other factors can increase their susceptibility to deadly diseases. As children grow, they are more susceptible to developing disabilities. Also, they are more likely to suffer from brain damage or memory loss than men. Since men and women represent two separate identities, it is not possible to weigh them on one scale.

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