Security for your Self Storage Units Must Have Features

In order to find the best storage unit for your needs, you need to consider a number of factors. The location, services offered and price for the month are important factors, but security is not always considered. This can result in burglaries, thefts or loss of items. It is therefore very costly to rent out a less-secured facility.

So, let’s look at a few security features before purchasing a self-storage unit.

Be sure to fence the entire exterior of your facility. Fences can be made of metal or brick. The brick wall fence is safer and more secure than the metal fencing. Also, fences should be raised enough so that miscreants are not able to jump. It is important that the entrances or gates are numbered correctly and guarded by officials on a rotating basis.

– A surveillance system should be installed in the self storage facility. This includes CCTV cameras, alarms against theft and alerts of fire. The storage unit should have adequate lighting, and in the darkest areas motion sensors. Memory backup should be sufficient for the surveillance system. The surveillance systems should be readily accessible for monitoring, upgrading and review.

The self-storage unit needs to have its own locking system. In order to ensure safety, the operator must keep track of each individual who holds a set of keys. It is important that only registered users are allowed access to self-storage units.

The best self-storage facility will have comprehensive insurance coverage. Even with the most secure locks and protection mechanisms in place, natural disasters can strike. In this situation, a comprehensive policy of insurance that provides adequate coverage for your items is an unexpected blessing. At a minimal cost, it is possible to protect the value of your possessions as well as their safety from natural calamities. Even though not all storage providers provide the same services, it is worth asking your provider about what they have to offer.

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